Depression in Baltimore

Depression seems to be experienced differently by everyone who lives with it.

I can help you stop dwelling with it.

I want to find out how you are uniquely living depression, and then collaborate to find the help methods that work best for you.

Depression can feel very different to different people:

  • Tom may huddle in his bed and not go to work.
  • Susan may go to work reliably — but be extremely irritable.
  • Jackie may think she is “going crazy” because her thinking is fuzzy and she can’t remember anything.
  • Lazaro may not even feel sad — but he’s got muscle tension and an upset stomach that won’t quit.
  • Lucy just thinks its the let-down after the holidays — not realizing that she gets depressed every January like clock-work.

I would like to help you with your depression.  I would like to discuss with you the custom version of depression that you have — then systematically and compassionately determine what to do about it. 

Baltimore, Maryland is far enough north that our winter sunlight is dim enough that many Baltimore residents are subject to something called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) — a condition causing all the symptoms of depression, usually during the winter months, when our bodies do not get enough sunlight.  There are several treatments that help.

This is a short website that discusses the symptoms of depression, ways of treating it, and how I do so.  I hope that you will email or call me to set-up an appointment or to just ask me some questions.

Please visit my main website when you are ready.  There you can learn more about my treatment options, about me, and read other resources such as my blog.


Michael Reeder LCPC — Depression Counselor

Hygeia Counseling Services

Baltimore, MD

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