Treatment Methods

Some Ways to Treat Depression

Below are some links to the ways that my clients and I typically work on the symptoms labeled as depression.  I find that there are some general approaches that I utilize regardless of the issues at hand (depression or otherwise):

  • Pacing of Treatment: Sometimes therapy can seem overwhelming.  Other times clients want homework to speed it up.  I think it is important to move at the correct pace, helping the client to regain hope.  Sometimes just showing up at therapy is enough effort to start.
  • Clarification of Roles:  It’s amazing the number of different hats a therapist can wear — and its easy for me to wear the wrong one without periodic clarification as to expectations.  Some of the hats I wear (all of them useful at different times) include listener, coach, cheerleader, problem solver, safe nurturing supporter, subject matter expert, and co-pilot.
  • Co-Pilot: I see therapy as a collaborative process.  We jointly set goals, then work together towards them.  I can make strong recommendations based upon my expertise — but ultimately you know best what you want.  If you don’t know — that makes an excellent therapy goal too.
  • Holistic:  I believe in an approach that incorporates mind, body, and spirit.  So we might engage in a mostly mental process of looking at how thoughts lead to feelings, then do some meditate or discuss exercise, then discuss uplifting life goals.  More on my holistic approach here.


 Links to Specific Depression Treatment Methods:

Full-blown depression is very treatable.  So are the component symptoms of it.  Please email or call so I can help.