I use meditation more often with anxiety — but anxiety, stress, and depression are so closely intermingled that these are worth listing here.  Meditation is about focusing on the here & now and about feeling a sense of peaceful connection — both to yourself and to the greater world and universe beyond.  Its also about training the “monkey mind” (that part of your mind always looking for the next problem to chatter about) to quiet down.  Indeed, its partly about just realizing that you can train your mind to stop and redirect (which short-circuits depressive and anxious thoughts).  Depression tends to focus sadly on the past.  Anxiety has a worried future focus.  Changing both the thought patterns and the time focus with meditation can be very powerful.

I should mention that  I also have training in hypnotherapy.  I borrow pieces from the hypnotherapy tool bag to help clients enter meditation more deeply, do guided journeying to reach better feeling states, or find answers within themselves,