Social Relationships

Depressed people are often socially isolated.  A funny thing happens with depression — your brain starts lying to you.  It starts telling you that your friends are tired of you, that they should not be burdened with more of your problems, and that the one fight you had with your best friend means that friend never wants to hear from you again.   Then — to top it off — your depressed brain tells you that you are ugly and fat and no fun anyway so there is no purpose is making new friends.

Yes, I know, some portion of these things are often true (a few friends burnout on your depression, you really have gained weight) but so often the story told is so uniformly bleak that I instinctively know it can’t really be that negative.  Nine times out of ten the old friends would like to hear from you and miss you.

Depression often drains energy and willpower to the point where socializing is a chore.  Then the isolation leads to more depression which leads to more isolation…  I will help you take steps out of this situation and downward spiral.

We’ll work on ways to connect you up with a supportive network of friends and family (as appropriate).