Energy Flow

I’ve taken to watching what I like to refer to as the energy flow of the client.  This can be literal (“have you eaten today?”) or more a matter of attitude (“you describe being frustrated and stuck”). I am aware that depression is strongly related to feeling blocked in life with no hopeful outlet.  So — I watch the energy flow:

  • Would exercise and sunlight (builds vitamin D which helps some depression) build energy?
  • Would better nutrition build energy?
  • Does the person sound more upbeat when discussing certain activities?  Maybe they should do more of them.
  • Would contact with friends build support? (lend energy)
  • Does the person sound down after contact with certain people?
  • Would medications allow more energy?
  • Does the person want help getting unstuck from a dilemma?

There are plenty of official counseling theories out there (and I use many of them) but this guideline to watch the energy ups and downs often is key.