Tools and Toys

This is another “technique” that is just a category for pulling together useful bits from several schools of thought.  It’s in reaction to too many new clients telling me that all their old therapist ever did was listen and nod.  Now — honestly — sometimes the most useful thing a therapist can do is cultivate the relationship with the client.   But sometimes a concrete, actionable plan with a focus for the intent serves a given client better.

With this in mind I find I have more tools and toys around than the average therapist.  I have workbooks on my shelf for several ailments.  I have lightboxes for Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I have card sorts to assist creativity and thinking.  I even have lots and lots of crystals — which my more metaphysically-minded clients often appreciate.  I have full spectrum lighting and negative ion generators (both depression-fighting tools) in my office for show and tell.

If there is a tool or a toy that might help, there is a good chance I keep track of it.